Project Description

Project Brief

Your logo is not only a brand identifier but a messenger of what your business stands for. It has the potential to attract potential customers and create crucial first impressions. Beyond the apparent, a well-designed logo carries deep significance.The logos that we design at Nuada Labs are meant to serve a very practical purpose; to help brands form a bridge of trust and loyalty with their potential customers.

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Initial Concepts

In order to grab the vision of your brand in your logo and convey the core message of your company, we brainstorm multiple creative ideas. The ultimate goal remains to best depict in your logo the identity you wish to carve.

Drafts & Revision

Once the design objectives are clear, our team toys with the look & feel of the logo and comes up with three (3) variations, or rather proposals, which are communicated to the client. If the client is satisfied with the logo, we proceed ahead to the Final Delivery phase, else we entertain revisions recommended by the client.

Final Delivery

Once a logo meets with client’s approval, its is processed for delivery in multiple image formats.

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