Project Description

Project Brief

To create a strong brand identity and differentiate your offerings from those of others, it is important that you tap every available opportunity to raise awareness and visibility of your brand. Offline branding tactics are not yet passé. When utilised in conjunction with your online marketing strategy, the combined branding game plan has the potential to drive more leads into the sales funnel.From paper stationery (business card, letterhead, etc.) to printed t-shirts, there are numerous offline marketing tactics to exploit. But no matter which methods you adopt, the design must reflect the essence of your brand and what it truly stands for; and hence these must be designed and executed professionally.Nuada Labs helps your brand stand out in the crowd by assisting you with the most compelling designs for all your offline marketing efforts. Each time you share your business card or wear your Nuada Labs designed T-shirt, you will make a strong and palpable impression.

Conceptual Design Samples

Initial Concept Planning

Our designs goals are closely aligned with your vision. We start by gaining an insight into how you wish to position your brand and accordingly tailor our effort. The idea remains to deliver the right message to your target audience, in a way you want it delivered.

Drafts & Revisions

Once we have grasped what you are after, we laboriously begin our work. We pour over our systems, go back & forth between designs, diligently place objects and content without ever compromising the core of your message.

Final Delivery

With the delivery of the final product, this is where we seal our relationship with you. You will find that the final product conveys your message with warmth and evokes the desired sentiment in your target audience.

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