Project Description

Project Brief

This service is offered to two business sets – new businesses and established enterprises.
For new businesses, we build and create a polished responsive website from scratch with enticing calls to action and engaging user experience intended at capturing every possible lead. The website is built using all modern tools and contemporary technologies to best position the brand and its products and services.
For established enterprises with websites that are in dire need of reconditioning to meet modern consumer tastes, we redesign and revamp the existing website to enhance its look & feel, make it more responsive and every bit as engaging as a newly developed website.
At Nuada Labs, we understand that your website exists for a purpose and we are hell-bent on delivering a website that lives up to that ‘purpose’.
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Initial Concepts

The process of web development starts with client requirement analysis and gaining an insight into the business problems and challenges. After having clearly understood the requirement, we proceed to development.

Drafts & Revision

This is the development phase where our coders and designers converge to build your website. Multiple ideas are brainstormed and all challenges meted out are addressed using modern tools and tactics. Once the final product is ready, it is subjected to intense testing and inspection; any discovered bug is neutralised.

Final Delivery

After the development phase, if the website in its entirety meets with the client’s approval, we advance to hosting it on the server and map it to the URL. In addition, we perform certain other tasks to make it fast loading and responsive.

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